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  • Figgjo Oslo Cup - Tulip
    "Tulipan" (Tulip) is designed for coffees with lower acidity like typical Bourbons from El Salvador, Brazil or Indian coffees. The cone shaped cup enhances more earthy aromas and gives you an impression that the coffee is very sweet as the liquid enters the mouth in a narrow stream and hits the midd..
  • Figgjo Oslo Cup - Split
    "Splitt" is designed for coffees with intense fruity and floral aromas and bright acidity. Typically we use these cups for our Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees. The unique design enhances the aromatics when you smell the coffee in the cup and the wide shape makes the liquid enter your mouth with a wider..
  • Figgjo Oslo Cup - Open
    "Åpen" (open) is more of an allround cup. The classic U-shape is a forgiving shape when it comes to taste balance yet it has the ability to intensify aromas when you smell the coffees. We typically use these cups for coffees that has fruity characters and medium intense acidity.  Designer:&n..