Da Matteo Coffee

The first da Matteo coffee shop opened in Viktoriapassagen, Gothenborg in August of 1995. At the time, it was an Italian-styled espresso bar using imported espresso blends. After the manager and owner, Matts Johansson, got involved with specialty coffee in the year 2000, things started to change.

Since then, da Matteo has gone from one espresso bar to three coffee shops, as well as including both a roastery and bakery. Its employees have, among other accomplishments, won the Swedish Barista Championship three times (Christian Frändfors, 1999; Torkel Hultén, 2003; Mattias Björklund, 2009).

Using a 7 and 35kg Smart Roast, da Matteo roasts coffee from a wide selection of origin countries. They do direct trade with some of the farms they buy coffee from, and are working towards a more direct relationship with the others.

Nordic Roaster Competition Results:
Championship in 2014
Rank 5 in 2015

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