Kafferostare Per Nordby

Kafferostare Per Nordby is a specialty coffee roastery in Göteborg, Sweden. Per loves tasty coffee and wants everyone to enjoy every single cup of it too.

A cup of coffee always starts with a cherry on a shrub. Per looks for producers that share his passion for coffee and take pride in their work. Per's experience is that passionate people will make the effort it takes to make a coffee special. The taste of the cup tells a story of its origin and the people behind it. Per started working with coffee in the year 2000 and although the coffee Per brewed then wasn’t always that great, Per could sense a movement, a change for the better. Per started to pursue that change.

Per buys coffee from selected farms and cooperatives. Per travels to Central America and East Africa annually to meet with the farmers, millers and exporters Per trade with. Per does this to get to know them and learn how we can work together better and better for each year.

Per buys green coffee of high quality, so wish to preserve every coffees individual taste profile as much as possible when roasting.

Pre-order time: 12Nov 00:00 to 15Nov 12:00
Expected roast date: 16Nov
Expected arrival date: 23Nov

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