(pre-order) LIPPE espresso #1 Gititu 250g

(pre-order) LIPPE espresso #1 Gititu 250g

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Its aroma is reminiscent of black tea, and floral tones. The taste is of high intensity and of gooseberry, blackberry and apple cider. Latte we find milk chocolate and hints of spice. 

Processing: After the pulp is washed by the beans are laid in water for 12-18 hours. The beans are then placed on the so-called African beds to dry as quickly as possible. Depending on the weather, this process takes 8-15 days. 
Geography: wash station Gititu in Karindundu, Nyeri, Kenya. 

We roast espresso quite bright to accentuate its characteristics. Prefer even brighter roasted coffee for espresso, we recommend our black coffees.