(pre-order) MZUNGU PROJECT - UGANDA 250g

(pre-order) MZUNGU PROJECT - UGANDA 250g

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Producer: 5 small farmers
Country: Uganda
Terroir: Sipi falls
Elevation: 1900-2000 mt
Fermentation: Gardelli natural*
Cultivar: SL14 & Nyanzaland
Picked in: Nov-Dec 2017
Landed in:  September 2018
Roast profile by: Rubens Gardelli
Roasted on: Customised roaster

Cup Notes: Cherry / Prune / Blueberry / Dark Chocolate / Kiwi / Rum

*Gardelli natural: Pick only the perfectly ripe coffee cherries one by one by hand, bring them back to the processing centre, remove the defected cherries...do some magic (only from nature, nothing chemically added), put the cherries over raised beds, constantly roll for a even drying, then wait.