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    • KONO Filter Paper White KS-20
      Kono cone dripper was invented in 1968 by 河野敏夫. By the design of short tunnels at the bottom part, filter paper and dripper could be stuck closely and therefore obtain the same favour brewed by cloth filter. ..
    • Hario Naked Rayon Lamp Wick for Syphon 5pcs 
      A 5 pack of replacement wicks for the Hario Syphon Burner. ..
    • Hario Syphon Bamboo Paddle
      The perfect design for steady and fluent stirring of the Hario coffee syphon, the hario bamboo stirrer is perfect for the the extraction of quality Hario syphon coffee. The deceptively simple design ensures that the professional or home barista can fluently stir the entire chamber. The stirring o..