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  • Welhome WPM Espresso Coffee Machine KD-270
    Welhome WPM Espresso Machine KD-270 is a technological and innovative design coffee machine. With temperature-sensing steam wand and gauge to detect milk temperature, you can steam perfect milk with desired temperature to enhance the sweetness and texture of milk. Besides, PID controller can contro..
  • Welhome WPM Espresso Coffee Machine KD-210S2
    Welhome WPM Espresso Machine KD-210S2 is a wonderful coffee machine with powerful steaming funtion which is comparable to commerial specifications. With TPTT system and enhanced steaming function, it is easier to obtain dense and detailed milk foam. Thus you can have a excellent ..
  • Welhome WPM Espresso Coffee Machine KD-135B
    Welhome WPM Espresso Coffee Machine KD-135B is a high quality and solid equipment. Electronic control funtion allows to brew one or two cups of coffee. Single heater and 15 bar pressure pump help you to be a professional home barista. With metal case, professional brew group and met..
  • Welhome WPM Espresso Coffee Machine KD-130
    Welhome WPM Espresso Coffee Machine KD-130 maintain the required pressure for complete extraction of coffee. Therefore, a delicious espresso topped with a rich and golden crema could be obtained. 15 Bar Italian Pump. Commerical Handle. Removable  2...
  • Welhome WPM Coffee Grinder ZD-17
    ZD-17 is the new flagship models of Welhome WPM Coffee Grinder. The new anti-static grinding and feeding system increases the convenience and accuracy of coffee powder output. In addition, the white LED lights on the machine provide a clear vision on the grinding ..
  • Welhome WPM Coffee Grinder ZD-16
    Increasing the range of grinding adjustment to 40 stalls. Therefore you can always grind coffee for hand drip, syphon or espresso. Anti-static parts are added to aviod dusting annoyance. 350 grams of coffee beans cylinder lets you store more beans. Micr..