Love Coffee

Love Coffee has been established for 16years. They only do specialty coffee because they believe this is the model to ensure quality of life longterm for the farmer, customer and the environment. They source high quality coffee beans and buy directly from the farmers.

They roast our coffees manually on a hand-built drum roaster. They set individual roast profile for every coffee and re-check each set of profile every week through sensory evaluation to maintained the quality.

- Ranked the fourth in 2014 and 2015 Nordic Roaster Competition
- Ranked the sixth in 2016 Nordic Roaster Competition

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Expected arrival date: 20Dec

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  • BIO: This washing station has been around for a long time and we´ve enjoyed our first great cups of ethiopian naturals in the past from this station. We feel this coffee has every quality you seek in a classic ethiopian natural. Over 1000 members are part of the Yirgacheffe Farmers Cooperative and..
  • BIO: The indigenous tribe Inga Aponte was for a long time forced by guerrilla groups to cultivate coca in their territory and they have historically also been driven away from their place of origin. Today, through efforts by state and the governor of the Inga Aponte, they aspire to produce the Colo..
  • BIO: The holiday season is here and accordingly our Xmas edition coffee. It will carry you through the cold weather, endless amount of food and help you deal with your in-laws and those distant relatives that will be all up in your space during the holidays. Don`t forget to share and give the peopl..
  • BIO: Fransisco Morales started farming coffee in 1977 on a small plot of land. Year by year he managed to buy a little more and today he has a good size farm which produces great coffees. It has taken him 39 years to reach his destination, of which he is very proud. The farm is run with the help..
  • BIO: In Usulatan, on top of the Tepeca volcano, you can find Los Pirineos owned by the producer Gilberto Baraona. It’s located on a volcanic mountain range surrounded by the cities of Berlin, Santiago de Maria and Joy. The cultivation of coffee at the farm was started in 1890 and according to famil..
  • BIO: This coffee comes from a new washing station in Shakiso. The station is privately owned by Faysel Abdosh and about 850 small scale farmers deliver their coffee to his mill. By default the production is organic and this lot is a grade 1 coffee. Processing is done by using clean water from the a..