Solberg & Hansen

The story of Solberg & Hansen begins in a grocer's shop in Oslo the year 1879. A fated meeting between two coffee thirsty men, Carl Solberg and Fritjof Hansen, laid the foundations for one of the most knowledge largest companies saw the light. Since then they have been inspired by taste in their search for the best cup. Even today forms this idea everything they do: As coffee roasting facility, as well as a supplier of coffee, tea and equipment throughout Norway.

Solberg & Hansen are the largest and oldest distillery in specialty coffee, but they always look forward. That way they move boundaries. Therefore, they have been a pioneer in the coffee industry, both in Norway and internationally. They started early to travel the world in search of the world's top coffee districts. There are among their most important tasks. How do they create long-term relationships with dedicated and skilled coffee farmers across countries and continents.

This has contributed to the sustainability and fair trade have become fundamental values ​​in our part of the industry. However, it is our main quality assurance. Through travel and close cooperation can they follow the raw material all the way back to the coffee flower's first shot. It is thanks to this traceability that they obtain green beans and tea leaves that hold exceptionally high quality.

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