Noda Horo Slim Pot 0.7L Blue

Noda Horo Slim Pot 0.7L Blue

Brand: Noda Horo
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Noda Horo, founded in 1934, is a Japanese classic enamelware brand. Religious production makes products are high of quality. With the simple design, the products enjoy a high rating and popularity in café and groceries community.

TSUKI USAGI JIRUSHI, founded in Fujii store in 1926, is one of Japan's most classic enamelware brands. It incorporated into Noda Horo, and issue Noda Horo Slim Pot in co-operation.

Enamel products of TSUKI USAGI JIRUSHI are made by experienced craftsman with superb skills. Since traditional method of production is time consuming, it is impossible to have mass production. Enamel is light, high heat resistance, smooth surface and easy to clean. Therefore Noda Slim Pot will be your favorite kettle!

Instructions for use:

1. The goods are painted with glaze by manpower. Glaze may not be painted evenly at the edges ( eg spout or plates, pots edge) , or top of the hanging points in firing process. Therefore glaze may be painted with a thinner layer, or even off from the products. This official description from Japan mentioned that is a normal phenomenon. Please be reassured.
2. The product can use on the stove, but cannot be used on induction cooker, microwave.
3. Please avoid rapid heating or this may cause the rupture of glass containers. Please use a natural way to cool slowly after leaving the fire source.
4. Do not heat empty enamelware. It is recommended to fill in seventh of the full to avoid the escape when boiling.
5. Prevent enamelware to be impacted, so as to avoid falling glass surface. Surface without enamel may cause rust if contact with water, acid or alkaline substances.
6. Keep utensils cleaned every time after use, wipe clean and dry to prevent rusting.
7. Please wash with softer sponges and other cleaning tools, but not steel brushes.
8. Handle may be in high temperatures, please be careful to avoid burns.